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MOA Great Lakes Christmas 2019

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:30 pm
by Melian
MOA Christmas 2019 photo.png
December 12, 2019 Was the annual Holiday give away
Items auctioned off that night were:
Ornament for the Star Festival 30m winning bid
Neon Box hue #1070 35m winning bid
A Destroyed Masterpiece containing the black heart of the Grinch 175m winning bid
Cube Generator component relaying a voice from the darkness 180m winning bid
A portrait of Morganna, Legendary Seer of the Gypsies 75m winning bid
Baitlin's Arrow-proof Armor 56m winning bid
A gift Wrapped Grinch in a box 200 m winning bid
I ran over Grandma (black deer statue) 220m winning bid

Trivia was 20 million per winning answer winners were:
Kittie Governor of Moonglow
A Chicken
Candy Spice

The 12 days of Christmas give a ways
Day 12 House Set Moonstone crystal, vet reward teleporters, Crystal portal and the dungeon portal
Day 11 Commodity box, Auction safes, Embroidery tool
Day 10 Windrunner, Lasher
Day 9 Lighthouse
Day 8 BBQ smoker
Day 7 Tarantual, Polar Bear mount, Llama
Day 6 Davies Locker
Day 5 Enchanted Desk
Day 4 Garden Shed and Waterwheel
Day 3 Ehtereal Serpentine Dragon
Day 2 EM Flame Crystal
Day 1 2 Story Statue

The Mystery Chest sold to Candy Spice (sorry this year I forgot to write down what I put in it) We appreciate the help with the 2020 auction year budget.

Santa gifts included 1m gold check and a variety of consumables/resources.