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Majestic Oaks Auction Atlantic Shard

Post by Melian » Fri Jan 03, 2020 3:09 pm

Hello All!
This is new! We tried our first live auction on the Atlantic Shard Oct 16, 2019.
The house is graciously provided by Hemi out side the Luna North city gate (easy walk).
Our staff on Atlantic consists of DJ Scorp (Auctioneer) Princess Melody (Broker) Fiona Giovanni (Cashier aka Melian) and Jerry Springer (gater) also FifiCuddlyPoops as "security" and Hemi is on staff too. As with Great Lakes "the pit" is co-owner only access.

Currently this auction is ALL rares and/or EM event items, runs from 8 p.m.Central to approximately 9:30 p.m. Central time. We are hoping to do approximately 4 auctions this year (part of that will depend on potential Rare's Fest, we do NOT wish to compete) Wednesday Nights seem to be our best availability without interfering with Great Lakes EM event, the Atlantic EM events (most of them) or the Great Lakes Auction.

As with Great Lakes we DO NOT DO RESERVE BIDS so the minimum you put in your submission kit will be where we begin bidding if that is the only bid we get it WILL SELL at that price. If it does not sell, you may reclaim your item/s at the end.

Same rules apply on Atlantic as we follow on Great Lakes. Payment is expected at the time of sale UNLESS you have prior arrangement to say pay us on Great Lakes in one lump sum for the total of the items bought. This is regulated by the reputation and dealings we've had with the player in past business deals. NO items will be transferred or delivered UNTIL they are paid for.

We will provide transportation of items to other shards as we have shield availability to get there if you wish us to do so.

I will endeavor to pay all sellers the same night!
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