Majestic Oaks Auction Christmas

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Tanda Knighthawke
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Majestic Oaks Auction Christmas

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:16 pm

Thursday December 14th 8 p.m. Central Time
Santa Claus will visit
The 12 days of Christmas gifting
Christmas Auction and Mystery Chest.
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Tanda Knighthawke
City Governor
Posts: 106
UO Shard: Great Lakes
Character Age: 153
Guild Affiliation: TGD/ The Grateful Dead
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Re: Majestic Oaks Auction Christmas 2017

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:40 pm

Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Once again Majestic Oaks Auction has wrapped up another year on the Great Lakes shard with it’s annual Holiday celebration. Much like the early days last nights event (December 14, 2017) was a standing room only crowd! What a treat.
The house décor begins at the castle before Halloween and the auction house after Thanksgiving. The castle this year was done in a UO Monopoly game board theme. Which will lead I hope into a contest next year.
The annual event includes a mini auction, just a few items sold to the crowd. Various cash gifts for trivia, holiday attire or because DJ Scorp felt like it. Then of course there is the 12 days of Christmas give away, a randomized delivery of numbers to the crowd with an NPC dice roller to select the lucky winners. Closing up the auction house portion is the sale of Santa’s Mystery chest, the Mystery chest use to be a much more regular event, but has become a once a year project which funds with the 3% seller’s fee the events and auction for the upcoming year. Then it’s off to the castle to visit with our very own Santa who bestows a gift to each who is brave enough to come chat with the old fellow. With all the festivities being done the auction house will sit quietly while staff enjoys a couple weeks off with family. We will return on January 11th 2018.
Pratt, DJ Scorp, Princess Melody, Anthony and myself (Melian) would like to thank each and every person who patronizes Majestic Oaks Auction through the year and all those who helped to make this year’s event a success. A special thanks to Hearts Incorporated; Hearts Desire and Captain Murphy get special recognition, also to GTO of Great Lakes and Southernbelle who assisted, Neptune, Rathgar and Mr. E. Another call out to all the big spenders who help us out by increasing the fees we collect! Since staff at the auction house is all volunteer your generosity keeps us in business.
Gold winners this year were: Hannah, Melody Maker, Captain Murphy, Rose Red, Light Hawk, Moonglimmer and Princess Amara at the 1 million level. Daisy and Raindrops at the 5 million level.

Our 12 days gifts were as follows all included an Angel box:
Day 12: Contained 12 different turn in point dyes winning number was 34 the winner was Jade Witch
Day 11: Stone Cache & accessories (assembly required) winning number was 37 to Reena
Day 10: Blood Throne of the fallen Undead Gargoyle King Trajalem #47 to Jack of Blades
Day 9: A Cuddly Valentine Bear found slumbering beneath a great tree #61 to Gizmo
Day 8: Enchanted Writing Desk #40 to Ophelia Payne
Day 7: Koi Pond #30 to Alustriel Harper (sorry if I spelled that wrong)
Day 6: Hildebrandt Rug & Large World Tree #66 to Pink Pleasure
Day 5: Ancient Sigil Crest of a once powerful Magicians noble family #17 to Aornis
Day 4: A broken mirror shard, that whispers “I shall always be watching you” #57 to Astaroth
Day 3: Dread horn statue, Ethereal unicorn, Lasher # 85 to Mr. Christmas
Day 2: Fresh Royal Jelly in Raw Honey (100% pure, no additives, never heated) # 43 to Jennifer Marie
Day 1: Ethereal Dragon Statuette # 81 to Zlynn

Santa’s Mystery chest 78 items 376 stones in a secret chest known to include a T-Rex statue. The bidding was fast and furious beginning out of the gate with a 500 Million gold bid ending at 1.1 billion. A little fancy math by our auctioneer and the final price ended up 673,639,163 gold, the winner was Monty. Now the mystery chest has always been just that, what’s in it is a secret for the winner to discover. I will not divulge the contents of this year’s chest. I will since it’s been a subject of a lot of discussion over the years share what was in the 2016 Mystery Chest. Long ago there was a 300,000-budget allowed so building chest took a A1 scrounger and beggar, since then the budget is shall we say much more flexible. Though there is a lot of scrounging in our own belongings and begging from anyone feeling generous.
Santa’s MC of 2016:
10 MIBs Garden Shed Deed Formal Table
3k Sacks of flour Plum Tree Deed Pillow w/Hand
2500 peaches Table w/purple table cloth deed Painting
60k iron ingots Personal Attendant Token Heritage Token
2k Pears Stygian Abyss Token
60k boards 2 Soulstone Fragments
2k Sausage Race change Token
2k Honey Fermentation Barrel
3k wheels of cheese Parry Vol. 3 Mastery
120k Cut Cloth Moctapotl Sword
2500 apples Balakai’s Staff
5k Valorite Ingots +25 Stat Scroll
10k verite ingots +5 Stat Replica
10k Aggapite ingots Levei’s spear
15k Golden Ingots 2.0 Tailoring pinks
15k Bronze Ingots 5.0 Swords Pink
15k Copper Ingots Academic books
15k Shadow Ingots 14th anniversary ticket
2k Dull Copper Ingots Fountain of Life
Tarantula Statuette Buffet Table
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