Majestic Oaks Christmas Dec 15, 2016

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Majestic Oaks Christmas Dec 15, 2016

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:09 pm

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Majestic Oaks Auction has wrapped up another year on the Great Lakes Shard, with the annual Christmas auction and event. I'd like to take a moment to Thank the many patrons who continually come out to support MOA, Rathgar, Hearts Desire, Captain Murphy, Dot Warner, Redlow DeSule (Built our new site!! Thanks) FoPaw, Hannah, Stephanie of Yew, Scout, Tao, Zapp, SenSationsII, and many others. (The list is far from complete) From those who submit, to those who bid, help behind the scenes with the loan of a deco item or advice on how to make things work better you all make it worth coming back to.

I'd like to Thank our Staff, DJ Scorp the man you love to annoy? For his efforts as auctioneer and where ever else we need him in a pinch. Princess Melody who often picks up for me when life is to hectic putting together the list, updating the site, paying folks, taking submission. She's a trooper! Anthony where would any of us be without him, loitering in Luna bank or searching for a rune to get to the Auction house. If not for his dedication as gater without complaint, we wouldn't have near the turn out.

Now on to the summary.
We sold 6 items in a mini auction last night:
Crystal Portal & Dungeon Portal sold to Southernbelle for 20m
Gender Change token sold to FiFi Cuddlypoops for 7 m
9th Year Banner Deed (Vet Reward) Allustriel Harper 16m
7th Year Spinning Lathe (Vet Reward) Monty 51m
9th Year Polar Bear (Vet Reward) Rose Red 21m
Finally a Tall Rubble Palm Tree to Allustriel Harper for 60m

There were cash gifts of 1 mil gold each to: Caitlin, Tarja, Tweety, Froggy DiVau, Stoney, Bella, Arielle, Moon Glimmer, Zero Cool, Stephanie, Princess Amara, Black Widow, Forrest Woods, Starr, Demoness Dementia, Sally O'Malley (Hopefully in all the chaos I didn't miss anyone)

There were 2 10m gold trivia winners Rook and Redlow DeSule!

The 12 Days of Christmas: (Forgive me if I get the names slighty wrong)
Day 1. Snow Piglet Winner: Allustriel Harper
Day 2. Virtue/Vice Banners Winner: Puddin
Day 3. The Athyr The Core of Love from Baja Winner: Jasmin
Day 4. A Rose Dedicated to Gendrixa Grata Winner: Iggy the Great
Day 5. Void Clockwork Powercore Winner: Rose Red
Day 6. Patinaed Copper Keys used to free Goblins from Imprisonment Winner: Demoness Mentia
Day 7. Crystalized Void Energy Winner: Farrah
Day 8. Angry Spirit of the Harvest Moon Winner: SenSationsII
Day 9. The Set of Swords once belonging to Traversis Leader... Winner: Stilgar
Day 10. 120 Magery, 120 Med, 120 Eval Power Scrolls Winner: Tyrtle
Day 11. Dread Horn Statue Winner: Kathrina
Day 12. 12 Forged Pardons Winner: Temujin

The Holiday Mystery Chest went to Monty with a Winning Bid of 530 million gold the Discounted final sale was 409 million gold. This money is the nest egg we build MOA for 2017 with. So a Big Thank you for his support!
The mystery chest contained:
10 unopened MIBs
Personal Attendant Token
2 Soulstone Fragment Tokens
Stygian Abyss Token
Race Change Token
Fermentation Barrel
Plum Tree
Vol. 3 Primer on Parrying
Moctapotl's Sword
Balakai's Staff
+25 Stat Scroll
+5 Valiant Commendation Scroll
Levei's Spear
(2) 1.0 Tailoring Pinks
5.0 Swordsmanship Pink
Academic Books
14th Anniversary Ticket
Fountain of Life
Buffet Table
Formal Table
Artisan Tree: Pillow & Painting
Heritage Token
Table with Purple Tablecloth
Taratula Statuette Mount
Garden Shed
60k Iron Ingots
2k DC Ingots
15k Shadow Ingots
15k Copper Ingots
15k Bronze Ingots
15k Golden Ingots
10k Agapite ingots
10k Verite Ingots
5k Valorite Ingots
(2) 60k deeds for cut cloth
2k Apples
3k Sacks of Flour
3k Wheels of Cheese
2k Jars of Honey
2k Sausage
2k Pears
2500 Peaches
60k Boards

Oh and lest I forget, Santa gifts, each box should have had a chocolate nutcracker, Holiday favorites book, 1 million gold in a check, assorted Christmas items (mostly) a baked Gingerbread or pie, typically 9 assorted items per box in assorted holiday gift boxes from years past.

We will be back from our Holiday Break January 12th, Thursday at 8 p.m. Hope to see you then. Have a Blessed and Safe Holiday Season!
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