Moonglows Gala July 24 2015

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Moonglows Gala July 24 2015

Post by Melian » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:20 pm

Further update about the Moonglow Gala from the desk/s of Governor Tanda Knighthawke of Minoc and Melian of MOA
The first event; The Joust:
First Place went to Polynikes of Yew
Second Place to John Knighthawke of Minoc,
Third place to Fischer
A very honorable mention to DJ Doctor for being an all around good sport!

The Archery Contest:
First place went to Felificent
Second place to Edon Machiavelli
Third place to Gemma

Trivia Contest:
45 Questions at 100k per win
Top Trivia winner was Dread with 19 correct answers!
Norman Bates with 5 correct answers
Derek also with 6 correct answers
FoFoCuddlyPoops with 3 correct answers
Sarene with 3 correct answers
Vlad the Inhaler with 2 correct
Theseus Jr with 2 correct
Nymphadora with 2 correct
DJ Doctor with 1 correct
Waynebo with 1 correct
Dai with 1 correct

Gardening Contest Wiinner:
Tanda Knighthawke of Minoc for the Grotto

Raffle the prizes winners were too many to write down
Many 100k check, a glacial blue hair dye and other prizes were awarded.

The Gala Auction brought in 1,504,000,000 gold
No item in the auction began with a minimum bid over 1 mil so bidding was intense.
A special thank you to all who came out to bid! To my fellow auction staffers:
Anthony our Gater! without whom many of you wouldn't have made it.
DJ Scorp the auctioneer, Princess Melody the broker and Melian the Cashier.
Another shout out to Nails who handled the off shard transfers and payments requested of him Thank you!!
Top selling item was of all things a Booger Brush with the winning bid of 310 million going to Escaflowne
Top spender went to Griff purchasing the Brother Pemenards Rope of Binding (60m), Flint's Masquerade (100m),
Royal Sand Miner Sash (25 m), A Purple dragon scale (125m), and A Daemon Scale (100m)
Farrah bought two items an Olmecian Access Orb (8 mil) and Bone Shards from the Skull of Antirez (16 mi)
Promethius bought the Great Gate Race Competitor Sash (10m)
Kanven bought Britannian Royal Spy- King Listener gloves (12m), Viscious Cuddly Drop Bear (12m), Corrupted Screaming Brains of an Orcish Warbozz (60m)
Smelly Cupcake bought Veil of Elder Savage (15m)
Trina Forest bought A cut of Rotten Ribs (15m) and Savage Travel Rations (75m)
Free bought A Certificate of Crash Test Guinea Pig (59m) and Bartholomew's Discarded Scalpel (55m)
Shadius bought Orgami folded by Adama Forthwright (50m)
Harv bought Order of the Silent Truth (55m) and Composite Moonstone (40m)
Cowgurl bought Medicine Mask of Rattus Erectus (55m)
Zandor bought Yamandon Horns (12m) and Page Ripped from a Gargoyle Apothecary's Book (60m)
Skinny bought Thank you Napa, Love Mesanna (black rose)(25m)
Damascus bought a Tray (150m)
and of course Escaflowne got the closer the Booger Brush at 310m
We had one false bid which was on the Death Maze Survivor bid was (60m) bidder never paid and the
item was returned to the seller.

About 4- 5 mil in trivia was given away (to buy time for the cashier to catch up)
winners were Bowtruckle, Dread, Shadius (2 I think) and if I missed someone I'm sorry my notes are at the grocery store!
A great time was had by all!
Thanks again to all who attended, worked and planned!
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