Halloween Event 10.30.14 Summary

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Halloween Event 10.30.14 Summary

Post by Melian » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:14 pm

Oh my what a turn out we had! If you missed it I'm sorry. DJ Doctor and DJ Mistymoon were on hand from UO Radio and covering the event, playing music and having some fun. Our thanks to them!

Top selling item of the 11 items offered in the mini auction was a Stuffy Harlequin Lion from the EM event on Great Lakes Tuesday the 28th. Congratulations to PlayDough Po for adding this lovely cat to his collection.

We gave away 3 mil by my count in trivia, First question 1 mil each to Shadius of Hearts Incorporated and Lady Dot Warner Governor of Brirtain. Second question was a bust, DJ Scorp stumped the audience. Third Question for 1 million gold was awarded to KaSeRor congratulations to all our Trivia winners.

Costume contest: DJ Scorp (since he was our sacrificial offering for the last event) was our primary Judge, award 3rd place to Kellusion, 2nd place to Governor Dot Warner and 1st place to Kismet LeBlanc for the Skeletal Knight costume. Invoking my right as Event CEO I gave a million gold to my two favorites PlayDough Po's clown and Iggy's Superman!

Chests of Doom and Delight was a great time many in the crowd were chanting for their thought on the chest number that would blow up and kill DJ Scorp. There were five chests that killed DJ Chests 5, 7, 12, 14 and 18. I'm pretty sure Marshall and Tyrtle got in killing shots (alas I didn't think to ring the lucky winners in my notebook until too late)

DJ Mistymoon, DJ Doctor, Tyrtle, Nightstriker, Hearts Desire, Black Widow, Princess Amara, Kalypso, Stonewall, Shadius, Marshall, KaSeRoR, Iggy the great, Farimer Tensus, Dot Warner, Willa of the Yewwood, Harv and Wind of Hope, Kellusion. (I'm missing 1 person were 20 boxes. I'm Sorry for missing a name!) Prizes included 1.5 million for each box NOT killing DJ Scorp, 2.5 million to the lucky 5 that got to kill him and then five prizes were in the mix a Boura Rideable mount, Veteran reward teleporter tiles, Davies locker, Lighthouse and a Bloody Pentagram.

Last but not least all those who stuck it out til the end at approximately 10 central time got a Trick or treat gift containing 50k, 5 caramel apples, 10 orange petals, 10 enhanced bandages, 10 enchanted apples, a wrapped candy, invisibility potion and a scythe crafted by cold dead hands. All boxed up in wishes for a Happy Halloween from Majestic Oaks Auction 2014!

Can't wait for Santa!!!!
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