Rares Auction Summary!

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Rares Auction Summary!

Post by Melian » Sat Sep 06, 2014 5:42 pm

September 6th 2014
Majestic Oaks Rares Auction summary

The auction was well received most items doing better than their posted opening bids.
The afternoon saw some entry level items going for 250,000 thousand gold ranging and the finale of a 425,000,000 million gold sale price of the statue. Grand total sold about 1.2 billion.

All items have been paid for and delivered! Another big thanks to everyone who bought and sold stuff. I do like tidy little wrap ups.

In house this afternoon and bidding were Heart’s Desire, Polynikes of Yew, Willa of the Yewwood, Cire, NightStriker, Shadius, Destinie Moon, Shumer, The Easter Bunny, Dark One, Dark Redneck, Kismet LeBlanc, Eve L Antagonist, Lord of Fel, Dusk, and Ulitma. There were many many more in the house to watch the frenzy.

Five 5 million in trivia was given away to allow the broker and cashier time to move and process items. A huge thank you to all the staff of Majestic Oaks for helping with this DJ Scorp, Princess Melody and Anthony without whom this wouldn’t have worked!

On a sad note for anyone who didn’t make it and might wish to keep up with our auction, our GM Pratt who many of you knew on Stratics as a reporter maybe also (Mystra) has a family member in the hospital in serious condition pending brain surgery. We’re gathering well wishes and trying for forward to him in real life. So if you know him and wish to be included contact Melian of MOA.

Thanks all for a lot of fun!!!
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