Rares auction 9.6.14

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Rares auction 9.6.14

Post by Melian » Fri Sep 05, 2014 5:07 pm

Hello All,
This is my final update, with a list of what is going and in what order, I can't slate times that all depends on you, the bidding and payments.

There will be 2 ATM vendors on the steps so you can buy checks for some of the entry level collectibles.

Vendor inside the pit for larger purchases, a token will be placed for purchase to avoid having to bag and count checks.

12:45 Staff in Luna to Gate
Start: 1 p.m. Central Time/ 2 Eastern Welcome
1 Trivia question
Lot 1
[] Anvils, Interior Door keys, Geoffrey white bust, Dbl Blessed Sandals, Made by Runebook, Valentine's day items
{On our site item #s 828, 826, 818, 812, 827 and 738}
Short break (Possible Trivia, allow travel time and or vendor transactions)
Lot 2
Named Vendor Deeds, Named guildstone deed, Tray, Double Blessed Cloak, Open book, Blood pieces
{On our site #s 735, 737, 821, 831, 817, 822}
Short Break
Lot 3
MIB named guildstone, Coal ingots, Light of Khaldun, Pagan Reagents, Snow deed, Mini houses set
{On our site #s 736, 813, 815, 814, 816, 811}
Short Break
Lot 4
Double Blessed Wiz hat set, Ship Model, Double blessed Orc mask, Skull Candle, Rubble Daemon Blood, rubble bench
{On our site #s 834, 825, 833, 835, 731, 727}
Short Break
Lot 5
Skull Mug, Mesanna Bell, Error Etheral Horse, Gift of Time Deed, Chess Pieces, 2 Story Statue
{On our site #s 724, 734, 732, 725, 728, 838}

Thank yous, wrap of of payments, travel if needed, delivery of goods, pay outs to sellers
Then I plan to post and update after.
Good luck and good bidding!
0 x

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