Pretty, Pretty Princess

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Pretty, Pretty Princess

Post by Dot Warner » Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:17 pm

Last Thursday, DJ Scorp of Majestic Oaks Auctions made a wager with me that I couldn’t answer a trivia question before the crowd did. The loser would publicly sing the other’s praises or wear something silly. Due to the auctioneer’s bluster, Heart’s Desire of Hearts Inc. upped the ante to include a year’s worth of trade deal gold for Britain.

DJ lost.

So, last night, DJ presided over the MOA auction as the prettiest pink fairy princess in all of Sosaria! I made him a fetching pink satin gown with matching cloak and sandals, exquisite amethyst jewelry, a glitter-encrusted tiara and a delicate fairy wand.


Wasn’t he lovely?

A big thank you to Melian of MOA for DJ’s title.

A gigantic thank you to Heart’s Inc. from all the citizens of Britain!
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