7.3.14 Orc vs. Savages night

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7.3.14 Orc vs. Savages night

Post by Melian » Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:19 pm

Thursday 7.3.14
8 p.m. CST
Orc vs Savages Competition

10 million gold total prize money, each question is worth 400k. The winning team will get 10 mil divided by the number of players on the team.
The losing team will receive a share of a 2 million gold participants prize.

People wishing to participate will be given a bag with a costume, costume dictates which team your on. This will help keep teams random. Teams need to be of equal number so costumes will be divided as such.

Appoint a team captain/spokesperson, this captain will have a lantern, turning the lantern on signals wishing to give an answer. Do NOT shout out answers as it may give the other team the advantage. So discuss in party, guild or or some other fashion what you wish the answer to be. Captain's answer will be the one the MC will accept. Please wait for the MC to recognize you before answering.

A coin toss, roll of a Mondain coin will decide which team goes first. Ankh or Serpent are the choices (compared to heads or tails) Question 1 goes to the team winning the toss, if they are in error team 2 will get the chance to answer. If no correct answer the question will be tossed out reducing the potential pot. Question 2 will start with team 2 same process.

The correctly answered questions will add 400k to the teams bank, at the end of the night the team with the most correct answers wins the pot. Each person on the team will receive a share of the winnings. This shall likely require some math and patience which you are asked for in advance.

The group/teams will have 3 minutes to deliberate to reach an answer. You'll have 1 minute to type the answer into game. If the question passes to the other team they will have the same time limits.

There are 5 categories for a total of 25 questions. Questions can be real world or life, Ultima Online, or Other world (RL, UO or OW) with in each category.

The Categories will be: Geography, Combat, Sosarian Lore, High Seas and How the world works.
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