Welcome to Majestic Oaks Auction

Welcome to Majestic Oaks Auction's new home for News and updates! We're the longest player running auction on Great Lakes! Located outside Vesper. A Big thank you to the GL Roleplay Community for this forum.

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Welcome to Majestic Oaks Auction

Post by Melian » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:12 pm

Majestic Oaks Auction is the longest player run auction house on Great Lakes. We have been hosting live auctions more than 10 years. We currently host auction Thursday Nights** 8 p.m. CST (9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST)

You can reach us by live gater prior to the event in Luna bank or via your own rune.
Since the move to the Castle on Ice Island the banner is broken.

Currently Majestic Oaks Auction is staffed by DJ Scorp, Melian, Princess Melody, Anthony, Esme Lovingsgood and Chelle each of these players may accept items to sell, pay you for your sales and answer question.

Contact information ICQ: DJ Scorp (General Manager/Auctioneer) 1-618-416 Princess Melody (Broker/Auctioneer/Cashier) 1-303-649 and Melian 678-797-394 (Cashier/Broker) Please mention it's regarding Majestic Oaks in your request.

DO NOT submit items to anyone outside the auction house and staff should be INSIDE the auction pit.

Submissions are arranged via contact with staff or taken prior to/or following auction on Thursdays. Items MAY NOT go up the same day or week. To submit please place item/s (not more than 6 pieces) into a bag include an NPC or crafted book with the character name submitting, icq, e-mail or password, description of item or other valuable information, the minimum amount of gold you will accept for the item. Majestic Oaks Auction DOES NOT do reserve bids. We will begin bidding at your minimum. If the items does not sell you can reclaim it.

We charge 3% commission on the final sale price* of the items submitted. These funds are used to give away for trivia, to fund holiday events and other give a way opportunities. We do donate some of the proceeds to other player run events as well.Our staff is all volunteer NONE of your gold goes to us.

We will attempt to contact you by whatever means you have provided to let you know when to pick up your gold. Please bring your fees when you come to pick up and we will trade you Sales proceeds, unsold items for the fees. If you DO NOT pick up gold or items we will hold them for up to 6 months storage space allowing before we deem them abandoned. Then such items or will be re-sold, gifted as we see fit.

*Exception being Fee Free February and this applies to submissions received in February NOT the sale date.
**Auctions subject to cancellation or alteration of content as staff deems fit or requires. We will try to post a book upon the steps of the auction house in the event we have to cancel.
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