2nd Ann. Yew-wood Forest Theatre's All-Hallows Eve Party!

Yew is the city of Justice nestled in the Deep Forest on the northwestern portion of the continent.

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2nd Ann. Yew-wood Forest Theatre's All-Hallows Eve Party!

Post by Martyna Z'muir » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:46 pm

Come one, come all!
To a Festival of Fall!
The City of Yew and the High Council of Britannia would like to invite you to the Yew-wood Forest Theatre's Second Annual All-Hallows Eve Costume Contest!

8pm CST Friday, October 22nd
At the Yew-Wood Forest Theatre
(Southeast of the Yew moongate, 72o 15'N 35o 47'W)

We'll celebrate the holiday in style with a costume contest, games, trivia and treats!

Gold prizes will go to the three best dressed. ( costumes don't count, please try to be creative.) Points will be awarded for originality and to those who are "in-character" with their costume.

Come join us for a hauntingly fun evening!
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