Food Shipment Scheduled to arrive in City of Yew Wed Aug 15

Yew is the city of Justice nestled in the Deep Forest on the northwestern portion of the continent.

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Food Shipment Scheduled to arrive in City of Yew Wed Aug 15

Post by Polynikes Of Yew » Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:55 am

Good news for the citizens of Yew. A shipment of food is set for arrival near the Yew Abbey on the evening of Wed. Aug 15th at 8pm cst.

A merchant Captain Sayyida al-Hurra has contacted us and promised to have a shipload of food ready to offload at the Yew Abbey. I am directing all available B.A.F. members to muster at the Yew Abbey at 8pm cst to provide security. The continued raids by the viking marauders are a concern. Any citizen with a pack animal is requested to come lend a hand. We will be transporting the food to the new farm complex north of the Armory.

B.A.F. Training will be held after the ship is unloaded. B.A.F. members should come prepared for training and a possible patrol. Training will begin at 9 pm cst at the Yew Abbey. After training is concluded refreshments will be provided by Yeoman Bristlebane from his new distillery.

Food distribution for needy citizens will continue to take place at the Yew Militia Armory til further notice.

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