Temporary Defense Zone Valorian Sea

Jhelom is the city of Valor located on the Valorian Isles in the southwestern ocean.

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Temporary Defense Zone Valorian Sea

Post by Thom Jameison » Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:38 pm

The city of Jhelom is declaring a temporary defense zone in the Valorian Sea. Due to incursions into Jhelom territorial waters by the Skara Brae Fishing Fleet and other pirates a temporary ban on foreign warships is being declared. The zone from 137 6’ S 1 49’w west to 178 51’ S 40 21’ W , south to 143 2’N 3 30’ west then east to 178 51’N 35 13’ E.
Any peaceful merchant ship is allowed free passage and will be under the protection of the Fleet of Jhelom. The presence of foreign warships in these territorial waters will be considered a hostile act and will result in immediate retaliation. Any ships seized will be sold for prize money and crews will be treated fairly as prisoners of war.
Any warship found stopping merchant shipping in this defense zone will be declared a pirate and the lives and property of the crew will be forfeit to the city of Jhelom.
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