Jhelom Navy Repells Incursion by Skara Brae

Jhelom is the city of Valor located on the Valorian Isles in the southwestern ocean.

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Jhelom Navy Repells Incursion by Skara Brae

Post by Thom Jameison » Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:50 pm

The newly formed Navy of the Jhelom Defense Force acquitted itself valiantly today. A ship of the Skara Brae Fishing Fleet was engaged in an illegal search and seizure operation in Jhelom territorial waters. The ship “The Redemption” was loaded with flour and other critically needed items and headed for the suffering city of Jhelom. The Redemption is a Moonglow flagged merchant ship that was dispatched on this mission of mercy by the current Governor of Moonglow Walter Tyrell. After a brief exchange of cannon fire, arrows and magical spells the rogues from Skara Brae withdrew. There were wounded on both sides during the skirmish.

Governor Thom Jameison of Jhelom reports that he has the highest confidence in the righteousness of his cities cause and the strength of his defense forces. Governor Jameison asks the High Council to respond quickly in establishing a survey mission to help resolve the conflict.
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