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Post by Mystery » Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:16 pm

O.k. quick breakdown since I lost hours of work earlier.

1 Story Telling
2 Big Fish Contest
3 Track and Field
4 Darts
5 Wrestling
6 Stealing
7 Daemon Fighting
8 Tailoring
9 Blacksmithing
10 Quiz
11 Begging
12 Boat Race
13 Horse Race??
14 Melee PvP :Fencers:
15 Caster PvP
17 Treasure Hunting
18 Pet FIghting
19 Cow Tipping :horse
20 Archery
21 Brut Strength
22 Joust

We can break up into Factions
Tram, Fel, Ilsh etc. or we can allow guilds to compete on behalf of guild pride. (GTO wins FYI)

I will do these events over 2 or 3 weeks.

I will need people to help officiate/judge on events that they do not wish to participate in however I don't want you all to assist in anything you wish to participate in.

1st place will be 5 million
2nd place will be 3 million
3rd place will be 1 million
Anything else I pull off is an act of God and we will see if I can get help from the powers that be to make some other things happen. (Don't hold your breath)

Questions, thoughts etc?
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