Calendar, week of February 28 through March 5

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Calendar, week of February 28 through March 5

Post by John Knighthawke » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:18 am

Apologies for skipping the calendar for the last few weeks.

This calendar is on the Great Lakes Stratics board and on the UORPC boards. It will cover the period from February 28 through March 5, Sunday to Saturday. [I note that on Stratics this post will be stickied, and updated with current dates and information on most weeks. Watch for a change in the date of the subject line to know when the post has been altered.]

On Tuesday March 1, there either will be a mission of the Britannian Royal Guard or the Britannian Royal Spies at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern. Which group will hold a mission will be known once the Crown's calendar for the month of March is posted. If it is the former, it will begin from the Warriors' Guild Hall in West Britain (across the bridge from the West Britain Bank). If the latter, please discretely ask me or someone else you trust. [This is an EM event.]

On Thursday March 3, the long-standing Majestic Oaks Auction will be held, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern. Their auction house is just west of Vesper, near the landgate to Buccaneer's Den. They offer gates from the Luna Bank. [This is a player event.]

Saturday, March 5, is going to be an active night.

That night will be gaming night, presented by the troubadours of UO Radio, and hosted by the Knighthawke Trading Company and the City of Minoc. At 6pm Central/7pm Eastern is Deal or No Deal, and at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern is the Price is Right. The UO Radio/Knighthawke Trading Company game house is far south of the City of Luna, across the bridge over the sea of stars, on the west side if the road. [This is a player event.]

Two additional events will be held, in between UO Radio's games.

At 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, Governor Kittie of Moonglow asks for our help in responding to the strange and alarming matter of a book that has come to life. Several weeks ago we first dealt with this matter, and Saturday we hope to draw the matter to a successful close. [This is a player event, assisted by the PEC.]

At around the same time, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the weekly Underground Auction's silent auction begins. The goods available for bid, instructions for bidding, and other particulars of their system, can be found at their auction house, in Malas, right outside of Luna's South Gate. They usually offer gates at the time of initial bid opening, and the bidding runs through much of the following week. [This is a player event.]

Be sure to look for the Crown's calendar for the month, as it may contain additional events for this week as well.

-Sir John Knighthawke
Aide to Governor Tanda of Minoc
Knight of Minoc, late of Newcastle
Knighthawke Trading Company
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