Calendar, week of Saturday October 24 through Friday Oct30

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Calendar, week of Saturday October 24 through Friday Oct30

Post by John Knighthawke » Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:00 pm

Starting with this notice, I seek to alter the timeline of the weekly calendar to go Saturday through Friday, instead of Sunday through Saturday.

These weekly notices will be hosted by the two most prominent news libraries of the Kingdom: Stratics and

This is an active calendar.

Indeed, Three events are scheduled for Saturday, October 24, alone.

At 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, Governor Kittie of Moonglow invites all to the Moonglow Zoo to hear an apology from the mad zookeeper who just a few short months ago unleashed a plague of dangerous reptilian animals upon Verity Isle. I recommend coming armed and otherwise ready for a fight, in case something goes wrong. [This is a PEC-assisted player event.]

On the same night, at two separate times which may or may not conflict with Governor Kittie's call for assistance depending on how long things go for, the troubadours of UO Radio will host two gaming events: Deal or No Deal, at 6pm Central/7pm Eastern; and The Price is Right at 9pm Central/10pm Eastern. UO Radio's game nights are held at the UO Radio/Majestic Oaks Auction Game House, which is in Malas, far south of Luna right along the road (after the long bridge of the sea of stars). [This is a player event.]

On Sunday October 25, at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern, the Guild of Friends' bi-weekly Net Toss on the docks of Buccaneer's Den is scheduled. Ask around at the time to verify. [This is a player event.]

On Monday, October 26, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the City of Yew and the Nameless Rune Library, with the assistance and generosity of several of the City Governors and other parties, host a seasonal festival. Come armed for a party....And come armed. Things will start at the Yew-Wood Forest Theatre, which is just southeast of the Yew Moongate in Trammel. Look for the separate announcement with the details. [This is a PEC-assisted player event.]

On Tuesday, October 27, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, there will be a mission of the Britannian Royal Guard. Doubtlessly the Guard will be seeking to end the horrifying game played with the dead by a group of rogue necromancers. The Guard gathers at the Warriors' Guild Hall in West Britain, just across the bridge from the West Britain Bank. [This is an EM event.]

On Thursday, October 29, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the long-standing Majestic Oaks Auction will be held. Look for something special, in honor of the season. The Majestic Oaks Auction house is just west of Vesper, right near the landgate to Buccaneer's Den. They offer gates from the Luna Bank. [This is a player event.]

On Friday October 30, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, an archery contest is scheduled to be held in the City of Moonglow, a semi-regular event in that city. [This is a player event.]

-Sir John Knighthawke
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