Calendar, week of October 4, 2015

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Calendar, week of October 4, 2015

Post by John Knighthawke » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:26 pm

This calendar is on the Great Lakes Stratics board and on the UORPC boards. [I note that on Stratics this post will be stickied, and updated with current dates and information on most weeks! Watch for a change in the date of the subject line to know when the post has been altered.]

I note the ongoing disappearance of High Council Minister Earlhad ToDie. If you have information on the Minister's disappearance, please contact Sir Polynikes of Yew, Grand Marshal of the High Council. [This is a player event, ongoing.]

Monday October 5, at 6pm Central/7pm Eastern, representatives of the divine powers will meet us in King Blackthorn's throne room. [Out-of-character: This is a dev team meet and great.]

Also Monday, October 5, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the High Council of Britannia will meet, at the usual structure in Compassion Grove. [This is a player event.]

At the same time as the High Council meeting, for those who are more commercially than politically minded, the Alliance Auction will be held. Their auction house is in Tokuno – they typically offer gates from the Luna Bank. [This is a player event.]

Tuesday October 6, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, the Crown has put together a retrospective event of an unknown character, related to commemorating the myriad goings on of the last several years. Few details are known, look for a separate announcement. [This is an EM event.]

Thursday October 8, the long-standing Majestic Oaks Auction continues to be held, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern. Their auction house is just west of Vesper, near the landgate to Buccaneer's Den. They offer gates from the Luna Bank. [This is a player event.]

Friday October 9, at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern, Governor Kittie of Moonglow will host a town meeting for that city. The town meetings usually are held at the Moonglow Bank, and, sometimes, require guards and watchful eyes. [This is a player event.]

Saturday October 10, at 3pm Central/4pm Eastern, an expedition or other event will occur related to the Crimson Dragon children in Yew. It is not certain where we will be gathering, but the children are, as noted, located in Yew. [This is an EM event.]

Later in the day on Saturday October 10, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, Governor Kittie of Moonglow will hold a Net Toss at the New Magincia Docks, hosted by Governor Goldie of New Magincia. [This is a player event.]

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