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Post by Lady Kittie » Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:22 pm

It wasn't the first time Kittie had been tempted by a moonstone.. once before she had heard it's calling to her of power. Now, she had such sinister and evil thoughts running rampant through her head. Perhaps that was the curse of being a Meer.. being susceptible to such magical things.
Being unable to learn more about her people, amongst her people, she truly didn't know how to handle the voices plaguing her head right now. Murder.. Power.. evil thoughts Kittie never would have had in her wildest of nightmares!
As she finished up with the meeting, she went home to ponder what she might do. But in the silence of the keep, those words continued to play in her head over and over again .. "power" .. "murder". Why?! She tossed her hat to the keeps floor and clutched her head with furry hands .. covering her ears as she whimpered for it to stop!
On her knees she fell. Was she strong enough? Strong enough to repel these voices? No, she couldn't succumb to them. She had to fight!! Still, they plagued her mind over and over again. Her eyes began to tear up as she knelt there on the floor. Shaking her head as she continued to whisper to stop.
Then, just as it came, it was gone. She looked up and around, removing her hands slowly. Was it, over? She continued to look around a bit puzzled, but relieved none the less.
Slowly she got up from the floor and made her way to her bedroom. Exhausted, she quickly got under the blankets after removing her armor and snuggled in. A sigh of relief from it all was the last noise heard before gentle breathing to follow in sleep.
While Kittie thought this was the end of her troubles .. it truly was only the beginning ..
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