Ghost Speeches from Part 1 of "Fire and Smoke"

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Ghost Speeches from Part 1 of "Fire and Smoke"

Post by John Knighthawke » Wed May 27, 2015 9:57 pm

Here are the ghost speeches from Part 1 of "Fire and Smoke," which took place tonight!

The PECs said they'd leave the ghosts up for awhile, so you also can see these live! They are located near the western bridge between the mainland and the island the Vesper Bank is located on.

See everyone Friday, at 8pm Central/9pm Eastern, for part 2! Meet at the Minoc Bank!!! Strength and honor!!!

-John's player


Ghost one:

During the burnings, many people fled towards Vesper.

Vesper had begun a thriving trade in walruses and was open and prosperous.

Some were seeking to settle in Vesper.

But some were looking for the entrances to The Lost Lands.

In those days The Lost Lands were thought by most to just be myths.

But not us....We stayed. We stayed, and we were burned.

As ghosts we tried to flee, to wander toward Vesper.

But it was, of course, too late.

Ghost Two

I am, I was, a real witch...But I was not evil.

I went to the MacQuada and tried to reason with him.

I offered to help him ferret out evil witches in return for sparing the good ones.

After all, I thought, we're all Highlanders, witch or not, right? He'll listen!

I was wrong, though. All I did was make him more angry and make things worse.

It was strange. MacQuada didn't seem to care much about actual threats to the Highlands or the North.

It was like, to him, the fire and smoke themselves that were important.

Ghost Three

In my case, they got it right – I was an evil witch, part of a coven dedicated to Minax.

I was what MacQuada always said he was afraid of.

We liked the burnings – they pleased the Dark Lady – until they got to us.....

The mother of my coven always said that she thought her and MacQuada were kindred spirits.

They both understood that fire and smoke were good for their own sakes.

Some people who fled MacQuada made it to the Lost Lands...Where they met us!

And we burned them too. Funny how things work out.

All must die. And eventually natural deaths took both the coven mother, and MacQuada.

In death, fate has tied them together. Their undefeated, evil spirits brought on these ghosts.

To set the ghosts to rest, MacQuada and the Coven Mother must be defeated in battle.

Their spirits will appear at the point in Trammel, south of Papua,

where in Felucca the castle of Minax's faction once existed.

Ironically.....Around when you'd already planned to meet!

I'm helping you because I'm tired of this horrid half-life, half death. The Abyss is preferable.....

I do wish you luck....Even my evil spirit needs to rest.....
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