The Demon Unleashed

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The Demon Unleashed

Post by MalagAste » Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:51 pm

Malag prayed to his Goddess for answers to what he should do but as usual she remained ever silent. He feared this day for he knew what Xunroos could do if he were to be unleashed upon these lands. He knew far too well the destruction he was quite capable of. If Rylna succeeded nowhere would be safe. He had to stop her and he needed to act quickly. The red moon would rise to apex on the eve of the winter rising. Odd how cold would bring fire, he thought to himself.

Many preparations still needed to be made and there was no time. Malag rode quickly to the High Council Civic Center and found his friends gathered there. He wished he could join them but he knew his task was just as important. He considered who to place in charge, John, perhaps. No John was too occupied with Tanda right now. Looking about he noticed Edon in the doorway. Perfect Edon would not be distracted by the witch.

“Edon, could I speak to you a moment?” He asked motioning the young man out the door.

“Of course Sir.” Edon replied and followed Malag outside.

“I need you to lead the others down to the Abyss. Take this teleporter down to the Gargoyle home down there. From there you must go straight and take the Teleporter to the other house. Once there you will find the Temple just a short distance to the North. You must stop Rylna from binding my Brother. Do you understand?” Malag asked. He really needed to hurry and return to Newcastle. He had to complete the ceremony before it was too late.

“Er… Yes Sir. Stop what?” Edon asked.

“Stop Rylna, at the Temple.” Malag restated.

“Yes sir. I’ll do my best.” Edon told him.

Malag spoke briefly with Tanda hoping that his message was delivered and that they would find the Temple quickly. But there was no time for idle chat he needed to get back to Newcastle.

“I must go, I told Edon what to do follow him. I have to return to Newcastle I’ve preparations to complete. I must be ready for his return.” Malag told them and then as quickly as he’d come he left.

Returning to Newcastle Malag drove his mount hard to the Craft Hall. Once there he jumped from his mount to the stair and ran to the upper level as fast as he could taking the steps three and four at once. He quickly slid open the secret door and stripped off his robe and tunic before entering his hidden chamber. Once inside he threw off his sleeves and gorget and knelt upon the Altar. He pulled a small vial from a hidden spot within his belt and he let one precious drop of fluid touch his tongue.

“Spirit of Akshandra I call upon you.” He said in his mother’s voice. “Grant me sight and link me to The Maker of the Undead.” He began his chant.

“Vak Ra Nin De Trill” He chanted placing his fingers delicately upon runes on the floor. He closed his eyes for a moment and felt the spell taking hold. When he opened his eyes he found himself deep in the Abyss standing on the Altar looking at the Rylna. He could only watch in horror as he witnessed her kill a young female. Too late! I am too late. He saw her speak the words and tore himself from his brother just as he heard her finally saying… What!? She binds him to the Slasher of the Veils?

Pain tore him from the spell just in time before they were both lost. Too late now he had no choice he would have to face Rylna or destroy the Slasher and return Xunroos another way. He glanced quickly about the chamber and grasped a small bracelet from its hidden space on the spider wall. Shoving the bracelet in his belt he grabbed his armor and robe and ran out of the Hall and back to the High Council Civic Center. From there he took the porter to the Abyss dressing along the way.

When he joined the others they were already struggling to destroy the Slasher. The Slasher was the most fearsome Demon in the entire Abyss. It was filled with hatred and the desire to destroy all that came in its path. Malag quickly placed the bracelet on his wrist and spoke silently to it.

“Vak Ra Nin De Ze” He chanted softly hoping to draw his brother from the beast. But the beast turned and slammed him to the ground so hard it shook the air from his lungs and knocked him unconscious for a moment. When he woke he was glad to still be in one piece. He rolled over and glanced to the south, there the Slasher was throwing John to the ground and about to stomp him into the floor. John rolled out of the way just in time. The beast slammed his foot into the floor causing the building to shake and rocks to fall from the ceiling. The rocks were pounding down all around them. Malag covered his head and rolled just in time to avoid being crushed by a large stone. He spun and stood up as quickly as he could. His legs froze as the ground shook again It was all he could do to keep on his feet.

“Vak Ra Nin De Ze” He chanted again but he was too far from the Slasher to work the spell. He couldn’t get anywhere near the beast. He decided it was best to concentrate on separating them after they took the beast down. He knew that the Slasher would not remain dead for long. It would rise again quite quickly. A demon that powerful would be back up quickly. And at its home it would rise again very quickly he could only hope they were not still there when it did. He had to separate the two though before it rose again. If he waited it would be too late no spell he knew would separate them. He would have to call his brother out quickly.

On and on they battled the great beast until at last it fell to the ground. He reached into the pouch on his belt and pulled out a vial of yellow fluid.

“Crak Ma Du Ra Qui” He shouted throwing down his hand and setting the corpse ablaze just in time. The body of the beast vanished and the fires went from a vast field to a cone of fire. “Please let this work,” Malag begged his Goddess.

“What the heck is that?” One of the others asked just as Setatabon walked from the cone of flames.

Malag let out a sigh of relief. Attention fortunately turned to Tanda who was carrying the remains of her son, Tannibus.

“He needs to be buried in hallowed ground.” She said. “Those who wish can meet us in Jhelom. We shall bury him there.”

Malag watched Setatabon vanish in a mist and they gathered up and left for Jhelom. Setatabon would return to the flames and regain his strength. Nothing more could be done for him. But for the young Tannibus this was the end. They needed to put him to rest.

It was quiet and peaceful when they laid the corpse to rest in the Jhelom Cemetery. Malag’s thoughts turned to other things, Rylna had shown her hand. She managed to take Setatabon, though thankfully they managed to tear him away from her. But at what cost? He learned that the young Meagan daughter of one of the Smiths in Minoc lost her life as well as Tannibus, the son of Tanda and Calibus. What power it took to destroy a demon completely. Malag was stunned. She was growing more bold and powerful, but where was she getting this from? Who had she gotten as followers? She had to be drawing power from the void but from where? Ter Mur perhaps? Malas? What about Umbra? He hoped they would have answers soon. As long as she was here she would draw more strength and gather more followers. She had to be weakened somehow. Sent from this land if possible, but how does one banish the devil?
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