Rest in Peace

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Rest in Peace

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:45 pm

For many months now Gran, the spirits in the castle spoke, I could hear you chatting away with the departed Thane of Minoc. Then there was the mad man screaming, with some prayer and investigation on my own I discovered this fellow was put to death by the Thane for a crime he didnae commit, he simply wanted someone to put the issue to rest for him. He’s been quiet as a church mouse for a good long while now.

Blessed be and thank the Goddess for looking after most of those I know and love. It has been a long dark time since you disappeared Gran, I could have used your counsel. We buried Tannibus last night; I have such mixed feelings unsure what a mother should feel in this situation. I think most would expect a mother to be wringing her hands and sobbing with grief at the loss of a child. I cannae find it within me to be so distraught.

The MacTavish family will be burying a child too, poor lass, Meaghan lost her life to that loathsome Drow demon. I sometimes question the wisdom of the Gods and Goddess, how can such be allowed to exist. I feel much greater sorrow for their loss; she was a good lass, dutiful daughter. The city of Minoc has suffered much at the hands of the drow, marauders, and henchmen.

Galen and his wife Joylah have taken me in, looked after me, and protected me for many months now. Joylah and I have spent many long hours talking about the choices we’ve made in our lives. It’s been rather soothing pulling weeds and chatting with her. It is pretty easy to see that the women in Galen’s life both fill a particular niche which makes it all work.

In the time I’ve lived in their home John and I have grown quite close. He has stayed steadfast at my side through all of this; he truly is a gift from the Goddess. One that I am uncertain I am worthy of. How any man can find something of value given the path my life has taken puzzles me a great deal. We shall wait and see what comes now, the voice and being that had been following me around has been gone since we buried Tannibus, I am confident now that it was he who was haunting me.

I realize I’m rambling a bit Gran, I find myself sitting here tonight, having left John asleep in our bed, thinking about the last several months. Tannibus was the voice in my ear, the being following me, and tormenting my dreams. He brought visions NO SON should ever reveal to his mother. I never understood how he could have known these things, or why he would revel in them so. He was the son of a witch and Incubus human half breed, that union the council felt justified in removing my powers over and forcing my coven to cast me out. OCH! That’s it, isn’t it Gran? That’s why you’ve been gone, you’re forbidden even from the other side to aid me where this matter is concerned?

I cannae help but look at John while he sleeps and wonder if he really knows what he’s gotten himself into, marvel at the love I feel, and pray it is meant to be.
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