Let all that is hidden now be found

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Let all that is hidden now be found

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:39 pm

A bit numb I sit to pen this summary for those who follow
of how a mother grieves and bears the sorrow

A union others scorn
resulted in a child born

His path it seemed with darkness entwined
with prayer and ritual visions divined

Darkness and evil enslave
Perhaps virtue and light shall save

We gathered in the chapel at Empath Abbey, a drow,a librarian, a knight, a witch and a demon we spoke briefly of what was going on and the intent of what was to be done.

I asked the Gods and Goddess to bless and protect all who were there, to allow us to walk in the light as we sought our answer, called upon the elements to aid us in our search.

Setatabon placed his hands on my chest and offered his own blessing and energy to aid as and went back to the crypt.

An incantation offered:
"With earth and water, air and fire
By blade and bowl and circle round
We come to you with our desire
Let all that is hidden now be found"

Within a few moments the Goddess revealed a clue
"Where great malevolence is learned
In Lands of Danger and Despair
His soul and body, broken, burned
the one you seek is buried there.

Beneath the place where knowledge sleeps
Dark twins of golden beauty bright
Death forgets, but pain it keeps
What was in you, now gone from sight."

After much discussion the riddle it was decided spoke of Terort Skitas near the Valor gate in Ilsh. The four of us ventured into the land and wandered while I waited for the vision in my minds eye to confirm we were on the right track.
When the first paragon spawned we had our next clue, this was our golden beauty bright but not the correct dark twin, in the end after many battles we found ourselves face to face with a paragon balrons, the riddle's prophetic line fulfilled the answer we sought was revealed, a body.

The spirit spoke, an inner voice a mother would know the body was that of my son Tannibus. We returned with the body to Empath Abbey and then took him to the crypt to his father Setatabon his examination revealed a dark magical energy related to Drow.
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