Our Daily Bread

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Our Daily Bread

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Thu Nov 08, 2012 1:10 pm

It had begun much like any other day, with breakfast preparations a pot of coffee for Galen and John, tea for Joylah and I, and a mix of porridge & peaches, eggs, bacon, and breads. One might assume in a combined household we would gather for meals, but the fact is we’re all very unique in our morning rituals.

Galen’s mornings, the bits of which I've seen are filled with coffee and a great deal of reading various reports, bits of historical documents, generally quite solitary and quiet. John conversely prefers most days following breakfast get his duties for Malag Aste completed, so he is out of the house promptly. Joylah tends to begin her days in her garden with meditation, which I will sometimes join her in, but even witches vary in the deity to whom they direct their prayers.

The midday routine of late has been filled with care for the dead; there have been an abnormal number of folks dying in the realm as of late. It is a duty of those of us who live, to see that these people are treated with respect and returned to their next of kin. Having finished work I returned home to prepare dinner to insure there would enough energy for the remainder of the early evening.

John arrived home after his daily routine; he and I sat down to a meal and talked about the duties yet to complete for the evening. With dinner and clean up completed we traveled to Compassion Grove to meet up with the rest of the Britannian Armed Forces. Then travel to a city well-fortified with stone walls. The evening involved some target practice, sparring and tactical practice followed by an agreement to make a routine patrol of Skara Brae, a source of much unrest within the realm of late. Tensions are high between Skara Brae and Jhelom.

John and I stepped through the moongate a little behind the others, made our way through the city to find the other leaving the local healers. Information was exchanged, seems that they had arrived to see a man slay a citizen of Skara Brae; some discussion occurred about the identity of the man, his description and they set out to search the buildings and city for him. John asked me to seek safety in one of the buildings nearby. I would rather stay near his side and assist when I can, but realize his concern for my safety would be one more worry that may affect his judgment, and so I take up shelter in the shipwright’s office.

From inside the building one hears only the muffled sound of people scurrying about Skara Brae, eventually as evening wears on things get quieter and I recall back home to await his return. Once again the well-being of the realm has called him into service. Knowing that the evenings training and man-hunt would leave him battered; bruised and worn I decided to put the time to use preparing a liniment. Rendered down animal fats and oils from plants mixed together to ease the days pain.

John arrived home again, seems the fellow they were chasing disappeared through the moongate the last sense or sighting of him having been in Yew. It is believed this is the same man who killed the prisoners at Iver’s Rounding. I helped John out of his armor, returned it to its usual place of rest; his body was already showing the familiar red welts, purple and blue bruises, nicks and cuts. Adding liniment to my hands, I began with his arms and chest thoroughly working the salve into his sore body while chanting healing spells. Once done, he laid face down on the table as I straddle him to massage his back. It was a common event in this household, if it wasn’t me tending to John, it was Joylah trying to put Galen back together for the next day.
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