The Decension

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The Decension

Post by Tenebrous the Ancient » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:22 pm

The prostrate form was never easy.

He couldn't simply just refer to them as mortals anymore. That time had past. And while it would be instinctive to curse them outright, given his history...the intruder would need to re-evaluate. The reluctance he felt at such a prospect made his painfully inconvenient stomach lurch with several dry heaves. His eyes remained tightly clasped, burrowing through the abdominal pain. Several coughs were followed by several deep breaths. The pulse. The heartbeat that churned it...the rapid drawing of breath by lungs he once again had to rely upon to survive.

Life was so much simpler staring down from afar, influencing the fates of these mortals with the move of a chess-piece here, and a deitic interference there. The reward of said simple existence had been hard-won. After all the campaigns fought, hearts won and armies he had united under a single banner, if but for a short time...he realized life down here was far more interesting than up there. And against his will, his elder gods called him home.

The shock-wave of his landing at the southern tip of Serpents Hold sent a twenty foot swell into the ocean in all directions...but no noise accompanied it. This frail form would need to be retrained, as before. Stamina and sinew would grow togeth...

What is this?

The fingers of the intruder that clutched the sandy earth were wrinkled and bony. The once-imposing forearms were now mere bone, sheathed in a thin coat of pale flesh. The bright blue glow that illuminated his very aged form began to flicker and subside as his pupils dilated to the reduced light. The sound of footsteps perked his pointed ear. Two soldiers were scurrying down one of the leeward parapets of Serpents Hold.

"Wasn't a breath o' wind on these waters...and since when does waves race AWAY from the shore?"

The two soldiers continued their hurried march toward the sand, watching the large wave slowly dissipate some half mile from the shore. The heavy winds died down to a gentle breeze, then straight into a dead calm. The lead soldier snapped his visor up, then patted his partner on the shoulder. "They told me life on this island was gonna be full o' surprises!" The second soldier sported a more worried expression. "We didn't have no boats out, yeah? That wasn't no ordinary storm!"

The intruder, who had pulled himself beside a rock, wrapped himself in a brown sack-cloth robe that seemed to simply fall beside him. As he pulled the hood over his head, he watched the pair of guards make their way back to their posts. Looking above the parapets of Serpents Hold, a pair stars flashed red at the interloper. The leading soldier stumbled and nearly fell back down the steps, his partner grabbing him at the last moment. Both laughed loudly, not noticing the glowing red stars subside. The stranger looked once more to the sky, then to the soldiers returning to their posts...

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