West Britain Farm Incident - Tomas’ Night

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West Britain Farm Incident - Tomas’ Night

Post by Lord DaKaren » Tue May 26, 2009 2:59 pm

Originally posted May 26th, 2009 by EM Iatu on the Great Lakes EM Site:

Last night, Tomas gathered the Royal Guard. Before spreading his own news, he asked those gathered to pass along the evidence they had.
Martyna Z’muir told Tomas about two sets of notes found near the West Britain farms. One was a note written by an orc, that seemed to say the orcs were trying to find a potion to cure diseased food. The second was signed very similarly to the journal of Imperus Noxum, instructing another to locate some seeds. From these notes, it seemed as though the orcs were framed by Imperus Noxum, and not at fault for the green flecks found in the Britain Farms.

Tomas had more news, however. Some of his scouts tracked two groups of orcs, following them from the Orc Caves to Yew and Skara Brae farms. The orcs replaced some fresh turnips with diseased turnips, and then fled back to their caves. With all the known evidence, Tomas was uncertain how to proceed, and asked for feedback from those gathered. It was decided that the Volunteer Royal Guard would still attack the orc cave, but do so with care to avoid casualties on both sides - focusing on finding a source of the green flecks and removing any stored flecks from the orcs.

In the Orc Caves, the Volunteer Royal Guards destroyed a number of diseased corpsers, and even more orcs. Three journals were found, and a single bottle full of a green dust. The journals suggested that the orcs believed humans had come and poisoned their corpsers, and retaliated in kind against humans. After leaving, Tomas again evaluated the evidence in hand. He obtained the location of the instructions that Martyna had found, and brought the book to a royal scribe. The scribe told Tomas that the instructions appeared to have a similar, but much more shaky handwriting than the original journal of Imperus Noxum. Even though this cast some doubt on the true identity of the author, Tomas urged people to find Imperus Noxum. He did add that people should keep an open mind when searching, however, to help find any other leads they might be able to locate.

Before the night was through, an orc arrived at the Volunteer Royal Guard hall. The orc begged for peace, and Tomas promised that as long as no orcs attacked Britannia, no orders would come from Britannia to attack the orcs. After the orc left, Tomas spoke privately with Magnus for a short while. After they finished talking, Tomas and Magnus shared a little about a person known only as “Pauper”, suggesting that people search for this man as well as for Imperus, or whoever wrote the seed gathering instructions.

(Side note: If you could let us know if there are things you find really fun, or really not fun with the events directly related to the West Britain Farm Incident, that would be appreciated. We haven’t heard a whole lot of feedback about this one so far, and always want to hear what you all think.)
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