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Post by Duke Greenspan » Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:00 am

Location: Lord British Castle – Meeting Hall (Felucca)
Time: Afternoon
Characters: Leader of Whispering Winds, Duke Greenspan
Refugees from Whispering Winds, a few guards of True Britannians

Duke: Good evening my fellow Whispering Winds citizens, I am delighted to announce a few good news to you. We have long suffered from the evils of Casca and missed our home town very much. For today, from the official news of ruling council and High Council, Lord Casca was brought down to justice! The tyrant was killed and we are once again gained our freedom!

Everyone cheered from the good news and the duke pressed on.

Duke: Once again, we are free from the threats of Shadowlords *clear throat* Hm… in terms of Trammel only, as their followers are still strong in Felucca… So, the commanding lord is working ahead to send us back to Whispering Winds very soon. As the matter of fact, the commanding lord will confirm us with this issue later on his own.

“What about those blackrock mines? Is it really save for us to go back home?, one of the refugee raised out the question.

Duke: Ah… the mines… yes, they are still the trouble and that is one thing the commanding lord is working on. With the death of Lord Casca, mining blackrock is no longer supported by the ruling council. While there no official news from the High Council at this moment, but I am under the impression they won’t support the mining too. Under this case, the mine-owner and the miners will consider as committing a crime if they keep on mining. However, we are not going to put any charge on them until Lore Denin or the High Council have spoken to them. As for the town, some of you may already know we lost our memorial garden in a fire accident. Yet, the Virtue is guiding us all the way. While we lost our nice garden, but we have acquired a mansion *clear throat*, the famous House DeSule. This beautiful mansion was once owned by Redlow, and we will keep the building as the way it looks, with a few minor reconstruction inside. Ideally, we remake the main hall as the memorial hall for Omura and other lost militia from the military. Once everything are set, this mansion will open to the public again. We will restore the rest of our town gradually once we are back to there.

The public cheered. Although they have suffered the lost of the memorial garden and the threats from the blackrock mines, they still have hope from the news.

Duke: I will end our meeting in here my fellow citizens. Go in peace, we will bring more good news to you all later.
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