Concerning braziers...

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Concerning braziers...

Post by Lord DaKaren » Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:48 pm

Since nobody else has yet used this forum, I shall be the first... :twisted:

When the new Vet Rewards were first announced, and the flaming braziers were introduced, people wanted them to be deedable add-ons so the style could be adjusted as decorating tastes changed. The RNG driven reward option is a lame cop-out to a solidly designed (as requested) feature addition. Only the potted plant deed (an x-mas gift in '99) has successfully used the RNG for a reward)

The Devs, in their perpetual shortsightedness, decided that they would not implement this feature on release - but reverse engineer it at a later date, and told people to "hold off choosing this reward till its fixed". Apparently, they forgot they were dealing with real people and took the easiest way out.

Instead of holding off the release of the braziers till they were properly coded, tested, and beloved by all - they threw them in the rewards gump and promptly waited.. uh.. 3 months?

Now they take a 'sorry, shoulda listened to what we said' approach to their paying customers. <sarcasm> Yay Mythic. Yay EA. </sarcasm>

Anyone else foresee recycled 'gifts' this x-mas? :roll:

Note: No, I did NOT choose a brazier. I listened to what they said, and fully expected to be SCREWED had I not.

*steps off soapbox* NEXT!
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