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Martyna Z’muir

Post by Kahlein » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:46 pm

Name: Martyna Z’muir of Heartwood

Age: Old enough.

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 135

Race: Mixed – Half Wood Elf, half Ilythiiri (Drow)

Physical Description: Amethyst skin, red hair, emerald eyes.

Martyna Z'muir was born July 18th, BY 404, 9 years after Heartwood reconnected with Britannia.

Her sire, a reformed Lothlonglathe’ worshiping Ilythiiri refugee named Anulo-kyorli Z'muir, narrowly escaped a death sentence from the fanatical Qu'ellar d'Viaxus for blasphemy against Lloth. Fleeing to the surface world, he sought sanctuary in the elvin Heartwood; well knowing most of the elves there would treat him with suspicion and distrust.

Her mater, a beautiful elvin botanist named Vanya Ra-Om’Vakhar, had devoted her life to preserving and caring for the Ary Palurin Orn. Eventually, she fell in love with the strange Ilythiiri outsider while assisting him to learn the ways of the tree and its children.

Their relatively swift path to marriage lasted only a few years, nearly unheard of in elvin society as protracted courtships are the norm. Many exhibited outright scorn for the couple, feeling wood-elves should not debase themselves by consorting with denizens of the Malas Underdark. Five years later, they were blessed with a healthy baby girl.

An overly inquisitive child, Martyna constantly pepped her elders with questions; especially the ever-vexing "Why?" Despite her mixed heritage, the populace of Heartwood rarely failed to sate the child's curiosity. In her adolescence, she traveled Britannia extensively as a student learning of the land which nourished the tree, and of the Virtues which sustained the world.

On her return, the Heartwood Elders sought to train her in the ancient spoken lore of her people and the mysteries of life. As she progressed along this new course, she came to realize the elvin oral traditions were in danger of being lost. Thus, she left the Heartwood for the Lycaeum on Verity Isle to study human writing and history. In the massive library’s catacombs, she met the met the mysterious Killian – a man who would later become her trusted assistant.

Martyna easily combined her inquisitive nature with the writings taught to her by the scholars, a newfound passion which landed her a coveted position as a reporter for the Britannia News Network. For several years she worked as a lead investigative reporter in the Public Affairs Department of the Daily Herald covering social events and criminal intrigue. Sadly, the Daily Herald went out of circulation with the disappearance of its chief editor, Nick Seafort.

Her career continued on the Tomes of Sosaria, the original official site for the High Council of Britannia, and for the ethereal news source Stratics.

Seeking more she founded the Library of Sosaria in Whispering Winds as a way of safeguarding the histories of elvin and human societies alike, and to give back to the people who supported over the years. When the Library outgrew its humble beginnings, Martyna moved it to a large marble building just south of the Yew moongate in the hamlet of Nameless Rune. Soon after the move, she acquired the Nameless Rune Library which Killian assists her in maintaining.

The Library of Sosaria quickly amassed the foremost collection of ancient manuscripts, puzzling tomes, and modern works of literature on Great Lakes shard. This distinction, unfortunately, led to the Library’s near destruction at the hands of the Triad of Evil - henchmen of the Shadowlord of Cowardice, Nosfentor. Fortunately, the Triad only managed to destroy the northwestern corner of the building, obliterating the restricted 'Tomes of Darkness' section and rendering Martyna's living space unusable.

During the reconstruction efforts carried out by Dot Warner, Martyna was confronted by the Triad...and abducted. The Triad kept her hostage in secret locales for many months, with but scant clues for the Britannian Armed Forces to go on. Eventually, an enchanted rat called Lotha-abbil made her way to the High Council of Britannia to deliver information as to where Martyna was being held. Unfortunately, corrupt Cascan Regime took the rat before all its information could be revealed.

Eventually, Sherry the Mouse rescued Lotha-abbil from Castle British and brought her to Chancellor DaKaren in Newcastle. The very same day, a mysterious armor-clad knight arrived from the parts unknown to facilitate Martyna’s escape from Nosfentor’s stronghold of Stonegate before the ShadowLord could take the librarian as her new host. With the rodents’s help the B.A.F. located Martyna in the depths of Dungeon Destard.

Since her rescue, Martyna spoken out against the corrupt Cascan Regime, helped Minister Grey’s intelligence forces subdue elemental titans, beat back an arch daemon and his hordes, stop the sociopathic Zog from ending all Sosarian life, and many more barely-believable adventures…
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