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Money, Money Money

Post by Melian » Fri Mar 28, 2014 3:20 pm

A big Hi there and hello!

Spring must be in the air even if outdoors it can't make up it's mind. Spring cleaning must be in the air judging by the older items which are making into the auction house.

3.27.14 was a crazy night, wrapping up March's auction action. We saw a Lavaliere necklace, Skull mug, Rift Pillar, 120 Fishing Scroll, Mesanna Glacial Rose, assorted house deco, Minax pieces,footwear, race change tokens and get this a HUMAN Trophy yuck! What they won't think of next. Any how, total receipts for the night were *drum roll* 384,875,000 gold crowns. Not to bad for a couple hours on a gray march evening.

Top Bidders were Vashadra and Shadius!! With many many more in on the action. The night's trivia winners were Alice (2), Ra'Dian Fl'Gith (2), Dot Warner and Xevei. Always good to see Xevei in the house!

Next week we have a Great Lakes Trammel Yew Keep up for auction. Broker is still out on what else is going out the door. There will be trivia as always.
See you April 3, 2014 8 p.m. CST (that's 9 for all you east coasters)
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