Majestic Oaks Auction March 13 2014

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Majestic Oaks Auction March 13 2014

Post by Tanda Knighthawke » Fri Mar 14, 2014 2:11 pm

From the Desk of Melian CEO of Events Majestic Oaks Auction

It was clear to see that the Leprechauns had been busy, the building was full of green color and piles of gold, scattered checks. The house was packed, it's amazing the allure of some truly tasty rares can do.

The bidding on a few items was fast and furious The Chicken Blood did well drawing attention from many bidders. With an opening price of 65 mil the item went back and forth until finally the winning bid of 195,000,000 gold landed Fat Kids LaG IRL a trophy display in their collection (or whatever they wish to do with it)

The biggest attention getter was the Mesanna Lantern from Lake Austin I believe. It too drew heavy bidding from many people, in the end our own Great Lakes Hearts Desire won out with a bid of 200,000,000.

The final big ticket winner was a Spittoon which after some disappointment over it's opening price came back with a lower open and sold to Rathgar for 125,000,000.

Large crowds and bidding wars do tend to drive the patrons into a frenzy we saw great bids on an Ethereal mount, a set of Tokuno Major dyes, some old nostalgic items worth many turn in points.

Thank you to all who attended! It was a great time for patrons and staff alike.
A special thanks to all who followed the posts on stratics and came from far and wide for a chance to bid!! Majestic Oaks is happy to see some of you back on Great Lakes even briefly.

Next auction will be Thursday March 20th 8 p.m. CST.
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