Britannian Vampirism Act

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Britannian Vampirism Act

Post by Lord DaKaren » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:33 pm

Britannian Vampirism Act
as voted upon by the High Council during the year 378
In that the act of Vampirism, herein known to exist within Britannia, is the perversion of life into undeath, and requires that in order to sustain this undeath, blood must be used to sustain the life of vampires and their kin, it is hereby ordered that the Act of Vampirism is hereby banned and made illegal within Britannia. It is then hereby defined that Vampirism is the feeding of a vampire upon a human, humanoid, or demihuman race (elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and other similar kin hereby included).

It is known to this Council that some Vampires feed only upon criminal elements within Britannia, and let it be known that this act is unvirtuous, and goes against the very fibers of Britannia, in that criminals, as all others, are allowed to have their actions to be weighed by Justice. Further, the feeding of Vampires upon enemies of Britannia is likewise cruel and injust, for similarly, it is a cruel and inhumane punishment against those enemies, and could be construed as a war crime.

Furthermore, in regard to feeding upon a willing victim, let it be known that none may willingly subject themselves to Vampirism, for it is known that there is a euphoric feeling involved with the act of feeding, and further that Vampirism itself is enticing due to rumored enhanced physical abilities at the cost of one's mortal life.

Therefore it is declared that, while Vampires, in undeath, are entitled to the same rights as those of the living, these rights do not extend to feeding upon other human living creatures. Vampires are forthwith required to feed upon the blood of animals much as the living may feed upon the flesh of animals. While this is said to leave a Vampire in a weakened state, it is more than sufficient to maintain their unlife, and allow them to be active and productive parts of society without the alleged "super-human" powers they are said to possess.

Therefore, by order of the High Council of Britannia, the Act of Vampirism, defined as a vampire or similar kin feeding upon human, humanoid, or demihuman blood to sustain themselves, is a High Crime, and punishable as the High Court sees fit, up to, and including, the permanent death of that vampire, or a cure of magical nature to remove the vampiric curse if such is found to exist.

So proclaimed as law and decree during the 88th Meeting of the High Council of Britannia in the Year 378 by vote of Councilors present: Assenting: Katarina McCrae for Minoc, Ghislaine de Luc for Yew, Leshyani Rianne for Magincia, Jujubee for Jhelom, Des Tai for Britain, Ariyana Sune for Moonglow, Ailieve for Chaos; Dissenting: Nyarlathotep for Trinsic; Abstaining: Phoenix for Balance. Ratified by Chancellor Ra'Dian Fl'Gith.
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