What is UORPC.NET all about?
The purpose of UORPC.NET is to promote roleplaying in Ultima Online by giving RP enthusiasts a place to congregate and share stories, ideas, concerns, etc.

Why is Great Lakes the only shard represented?
It is the players of Great Lakes Roleplay which started this site, and so far are its main user base.

How do I get my shard represented?
Simple! Ask! Use the Contact button above to get in touch with the Admin about setting up your shard.

You should already have the support of your fellow RPers on your shard...

Is there anything required to have my shard represented?
Of course... You need to have someone willing to create the content for your news page, and any other pages RPers on your shard would like. (Please see the Great Lakes site for an example.

Each shard will need someone with decent HTML skills (knowledge of PHP will be helpful), and decent graphics skills (some graphical content will be provided to maintain consistency.)

What about Vent?
At present, UORPC.NET Vent is restricted to GL players only. Shard useers may provide their own vent servers and have them linked here.

Is there any way to help support the site?
Of course! The best way is to use it regularly and help grow public awareness. We are also always looking for people who are talented with PHP coding (as we wish to convert the entire site from html to PHP).

If you wish to donate monetarily, please use the Administrative Contact form for details. All proceeds from donations will go to pay for yearly server upkeep and improvements.

Additional Information

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